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My Older Dancers / Renaissance programme came about through a serendipitous meeting and a then a recognition of need. I initially started working with this incredible group of women in Plymouth exploring movement and creativity. This quite quickly turned into developing a programme that responded to the need to build strength and movement in such a way as to not fall over when an unforeseen moment happened in their lives, like a slip on a wet pavement or tripping over an unseen hazard. 

I became an Immersion Fellow of the South West Creative Technology Network through exploring how to capture their movement with motion capture and subsequently create images and visual art with it. I then received Prototype funding to take this group to CAMERA, a full green screen Mocap studio at the University of Bath, to measure their biomechanical movement change over the course of 6 sessions. Alongside this programme I was able to work with Associate Professor Hilary Gun at Uni of Plymouth Physio Department to do a feasibility study of this programme with participants living in Sheltered Accommodation. This is to be published in 2022. 

The images you see above were taken during one of our sessions and the abstract images are art work created through manipulation of movement data from accelerometers. 

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