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Ben Dunks is a artist, educator and writer who has spent a significant portion of his adult life working with young people of all ages and in all settings. Most of this time this has been in Dance and Education but he has also spent time as a massage therapist, immersive technologist, sports pants designer and writer of everything from articles to education programmes, funding applications and now books about intimacy and sex.

Ben is deeply passionate about movement, creativity and the expressions of our identity through creativity. Ben is also deeply passionate about exploring subjects that are ‘difficult’, or that are still surrounded by the idea of being ‘difficult’ because they create embarrassment, push against religious traditions or just make us uncomfortable.

He also believes that if you think you have a part of a solution for a problem that is much bigger than any one individual can solve, then it is your responsibility to put that solution into the world. That is what Intimacy is. This is Ben’s partial solution to a problem that is going to take a whole host of organisations and individuals to come together to solve.

Ben is Australian but has been living in the UK for over 20 years

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