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The book is available on Amazon as a kindle e-book as well as in paperback. The link to go straight there is here:

This is a book for young men about the realities of sex, the wonder of sex and how to have an incredible sexual future by focusing on the pleasure of your partner. Finally, a book that tells it like it is, for a group who are desperate for information that no-one is giving them. This will change your life and the life of your partners.

'This book is going to change the world. This book is desperately needed and I will be making sure all my clients have it. So in love with this book'. Cherish Amber. Sex Therapist.

Guys, you have been abandoned. When you need support, knowledge and help about your sexual futures, the world is dumping you to fend for yourselves. This book will give you all the support, knowledge and help you need to have incredible sexual lives.

You are the first generation in history to have access to 24hr Porn and as a result your understanding of sex may have little relationship to reality.

On top of this you are shamed for watching porn, mostly by people who are embarrassed about watching it themselves.

And one of the most challenging outcomes of porn as educator is that sexual assaults on young women are increasing at ever alarming rates. And because of this, all you young men are being treated as though you are sexual predators in waiting.

'Intimacy: A guide for young men about sex' is going to change your lives. It is a frank, honest and positive guide about sex, a guide that gives you straightforward information about all the different questions you might have about sex, and a whole load of information you didn't realise you needed.

The whole premise of the book is that if you focus on the pleasure of your partner while in an intimate encounter, your sexual future is going to be amazing.

The book is in two halves. The first half consists of short chapters ranging from Consent to Period Sex, Safe Sex, Porn, Foreplay etc... there are numerous short chapters, some lasting half a page, others multiple pages.

The second half is a guide about what happens when you are having an intimate experience with someone, from what happens long before it starts to the details of everything that happens during. Alongside this there are some exercises for you to train sensitivity in your touch so you can have the best time possible.

This book is a guide for you to have incredible sex.


'This book is going to change the world. This book is desperately needed and I will be making sure all my clients have it. So in love with this book

Never in our lifetimes has this book been more needed. When young men have a never ending stream of how they ‘should and shouldn’t behave’, Ben has created the most approachable ‘how-to’ to become a modern, respectful, understanding man in today’s society. Everyone needs to read this.

Whether you’re a young man seeking to understand the minefield of sex and intimacy, or you’re a parent who wants to offer the right support, Ben has written the only manual you will need. I cannot stress how important this book is.'

Cherish Amber. Sex Therapist.

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